SD 11: Loretta Davis SDEC Committeewoman

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Brief Description:
Lifelong activist Democrat. I am a precinct chair, Galveston Co. Democratic Party Secretary, Deputy Voter Registrar, campaign volunteer, phone bank and blockwalking pro, and I even have my own truck and float for parades. I am a retired steelworker (USW) and electrician (IBEW).

If Elected to Office:
I want to improve communications between the State Party and the Democratic Voters. The Democratic Party needs to run a 254 county strategy, not just pinpointing just a few legislative districts. Grassroots politics will expand Democrats' base in Texas. I want to be sure that Senate District 11 Democrats know what is going on with their Party and know how they can be heard by the Party. Also,we must simplify some of our rules, so we don't hinder participation and to remove the voter's belief that we are a good ole boys' party.

Contact Information:
Loretta Davis